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The Full Story


Before you read it, perhaps you’d like to hear a little about the background of why we created WeCoach! and how it’s different from any other coaching book. The pressure was on! A submission deadline loomed for a group of experienced coaches and business leaders, enrolled on the MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School. Pulses were raised, anxiety was rising and the WhatsApp group was bubbling. Advice and encouragement flowed in ever-increasing quantities between group members – a constant buzz of support.


Boom! Suddenly a message pinged in that stopped the discussion stream dead in its tracks: “can anyone recommend a good coaching techniques and tools book?” A simple question for a group awash with coaching experience. Surely a river of suggestions would instantly flow. But what happened was a moment’s silence, our phones ‘holding their breath’ as group members stopped to think.


After what seemed like a long pause, a little momentum returned, and some tentative suggestions started to emerge. Phew!


What came from that moment was a realisation that none of us had a ‘best’ coaching book for capable, well-qualified coaches to turn to for evidenced-based coaching tools and techniques. Tools that could support professional coaches in their endeavours to provide clients with methodology to help them unlock issues and turn ambitions into reality.

The team's vision

Creating a resource that could really help coaches to prepare for exceptional client sessions, with something visual, easy to read, inviting to browse through and reflect on.

How it grew

Once we started, the enthusiasm and momentum increased as our ‘best of the best’ concept gained visibility in the wider professional coaching community. We aimed for 50, then 100, 150 then 200. Unstoppable! The project continued to expand and with it came enthusiastic contributions from thought leaders in the field: exciting! Something very special and new had been created. A full and wholesome book of favourite tools from an exceptional group of coaches, ready to be shared with the worldwide coaching community.


We tell you this story because it’s what is at the very heart of the book you now hold in your hands – a rich seam of contribution from the very best in our field, their favourite tools and techniques all in one place, written to a similar format, somewhat like a really good cookbook that anybody can pick up and use.

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